so cute a baby happy to you friend什么意思

so cute a baby happy to you friend什么意思
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    My Bedroom我的卧室 This is my bedroom.这是我的卧室。 It’s very lovely.这是非常可爱。 There is a yellow desk under the window.有一个黄色的服务台根据窗口。 There is a pink chair in front of the desk.有一个粉红色的椅子在前面的案头。 Near the desk, there is a bed.附近的服务台,有一张床。 It’s on the right.它的在右边。 There is a wardrobe near the desk, too.有一个衣柜附近的服务台,太。 But it’s on the left.但它的在左边。 There is a bookshelf in the corner.有一个书架,在角落。 There are many books on it.有很多的书籍。 Oh!哦! There is a big picture of a cute baby on the wall. Who’s the cute baby?有是一个很大的图片一个可爱的婴儿上墙,谁的可爱的婴儿呢? It’s me.它的我。 I like my bedroom very much.我喜欢我的卧室不大。
    My Good Friend我的好朋友 Zhang Ying is my good friend.张颖是我的好朋友。 She’s in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School.她的在天骄小学的4年1班。 She’sa model student. she'sa模范生。 She’s clever and she’s helpful, too.她的聪明和她的帮助,太。 She often helps teachers and young students at school.她常常帮助教师和青年学生在学校。 She is good at Chinese, maths, English, arts and crafts, music and so on.她是好的,在中文,数学,英语,艺术和手工艺,音乐等。 She has a lot of hobbies.她有很多嗜好。 She likes painting and drawing.她喜欢绘画和借鉴。 And she likes listening to music, having picnics with her parents.和她喜欢听音乐,旅行,与她的父母。 Oh yeah, she likes fishing, too.噢,耶,她很喜欢钓鱼,太。 But she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tennis or volleyball.但她不喜欢打篮球,足球,乒乓球或排球。 Zhang Ying is the best friend of mine.张颖便是最好朋友的矿井。 I like playing with her.我喜欢玩她。 We always work together and help each other.我们总是一起工作,互相帮助。
    Four Seasons四季 There are four seasons in a year.有四季在一年内。 They are spring, summer, fall and winter.他们是春,夏,秋季和冬季。 Spring is warm and sunny.春天是温暖和阳光。 The trees are green and flowers are beautiful.树绿,花是美丽的。 We can plant trees and run on the grass.我们可以种树,运行于基层。
    Summer is my favorite season.夏天是我最喜爱的季节。 The weather is very hot, sometimes it rains.天气非常炎热,有时下雨。 I like to swim in the swimming pool.我喜欢游泳,在游泳池。 And I can wear my beautiful dress.我可以穿我美丽的服饰。 And I can eat ice creams.我可以吃冰淇淋。 Fall is a beautiful season.秋天是一个美好的季节。 The weather is very cool.天气很凉爽。 We can eat a lot of fruits.我们可以吃了很多的成果。 And the leaves are colorful.和叶子是丰富多彩的。 Winter is very cold.冬天是非常冷。 But in Nanhai it does not snow.但在南海它没有下雪。 We can not play with snow.我们不能发挥积雪。 I like the four seasons very much.我喜欢四季不大。
    My Family我的家人 This is my family.这是我的家人。 There are four people in my family.有4人在我的家人。 My grandmother, my father, my mother and me.我的祖母,我的父亲,我母亲和我。 My grandmother has short white hair.我的祖母有短白发。 She looks very nice.她看起来很好。 My father has short black hair and small eyes.我的父亲有短黑头发,小眼睛是雪亮的。 He looks very fat, so I often call him “fat man”.他看起来非常刘皇发议员,所以我常称他为“胖子” 。 He works at a factory.他的作品在一间工厂。 My mother works at a LDT My mother has long black hair.我的母亲在一个工程的LDT我的母亲已久,黑头发。 She likes sports and traveling, so I often go on sports with my mother.她喜欢体育和旅游,所以我常到对体育与我的母亲。 On holidays my family often go to travel.在假期我的家人常常去旅行。 I study at Guiyuan Primary School.我研究在归元小学。 We are very happy.我们很高兴。

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