tortoise carries me here he is so fast是什么意思

tortoise carries me here he is so fast是什么意思
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    A wolf had been badly wounded by dogs. He lay sick and maimed in his lair. He felt very hungry and thirsty. When a sheep passed by, he asked him to fetch some water from the stream. If you bring me the water, he said, I will find means to get some food. Yes, said the sheep, if I bring you the water, you would undoubtedly make me your food. 狼和羊 ●狼被狗所咬,伤势很严重,痛苦地躺在巢穴里,不能外出觅食。 ●他感到又饿又渴,这时,他看见一只羊,便请求他到附近的小河里为他取一点水来。 ●“你给我一点水解渴”,他说,“我就能自己去寻找食物了。” ●“是呀”,羊回答说,“如果我给你送水喝,那么我就会成为你的食物。” 寓意: 谎言是经不起推敲的,它很容易被人们识破。 Little boy and scorpion son There is a child in front of city wall to catch the grasshopper, and in a short while caught the lots of.Suddenly see a scorpion son, he to think is also grasshopper,
    Then two go to catch him.The scorpion son raises his poison to stab, say: come, if you really dare to do like this, connect your grasshopper that catch to also would entirely lose.
    This story warns people, and want to distinguish the pure good man with the bad person, and distinct to treat them.
    小男孩与蝎子 有个小孩在城墙前捉蚱蜢,一会儿就捉了许多。忽然看见一只蝎子,他以为也是蚱蜢,
    Wolf and egret The wolf mistake swallowed a piece of bone, very suffered, running about, look for to visit the doctor everywhere.He met the egret, and talk to settle the service fees to invite him to take out the bone, egret to stretch in the wolf's throat the own head, and the 叼 outs bone, then toward to settle the good service fees wolfThe wolf answer says: hello, friend, you can since the wolf 嘴 take back the head in the peace ground, and the difficult way return the dissatisfied foot, and how and still speak the guerdon?
    This story elucidation, guerdon badly person act charitably, and is a bad person of cognition and does not speak the reputation's innate character.
    狼与鹭鸶 狼误吞下了一块骨头,十分难受,四处奔走,寻访医生。他遇见了鹭鸶,谈定酬金请他取出骨头,鹭鸶把自己的头伸进狼的喉咙里,叼出了骨头,便向狼要定好的酬金。狼回答说:“喂,朋友,你能从狼嘴里平安无事地收回头来,难道还不满足,怎么还要讲报酬?”
    A boy was playing in the fields when he was stung by a nettle . He ran home to tell his mother what had happened.
    I only touched it lightly, he said, and the nasty thing stung me.
    It stung you because you only touched it lightly, his mother told him. Next time you touch a nettle grasp it as tightly as you can. Then it won't sting you at all.  
    Face danger boldly.  男孩和荨麻  有个男孩子在地里玩耍,被荨麻刺痛了。他跑回家去,告诉妈妈出了什么事。
     要敢于面对危险。 Long ago a great mountain began to rumble and shake .  People came from far and near to see what would happen. A great river will be born. said one. Surely nothing less than a mighty dragon will come out. said another. A god himself will spring form these rocks. said a third.  Finally , after days of expectation a small crack appeared in the mountain. And out popped ---- a mouse.Just because someone makes a lot of fuss, it doesn't mean he is important. 山  很久以前,一座大山隆隆作响,摇晃起来。远近各处的人都来看是怎么回事。
    等了几天之后,山坡上终于裂开一条小缝,却蹦出来一只耗子。  正因为某人大肆张扬,所以他没有什么了不起。

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