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    In contemporary China, the significance of Mao Dun, "a

    As a writer Mao Dun, his novel shape of the main image is the image of China's modern society, the capitalists series.

    Mao Dun's novel, the tragedy of the capitalists significance of the image series, the capitalists of China's productive forces and representatives of the nascent modern society, it semifeudal and semicolonial ahead of China is a force, due to China's unique political structure, it is virtually impossible to completely successful at that time . With China's contemporary economic reform, as China's various economic sectors in particular non-public economy and the rapid development of the image of Mao Dun capitalists series of increasingly reflect the angry, Wu Sunfu ideals have been achieved. This allows Mao Dun in the present reform, China has the most clear-cut practical significance - in this sense, Mao Dun in the history of modern Chinese literature, the most productive writers of significance.

    The history of modern Chinese literature, the underlying theme is anti-feudal, Lu Xun is one of the greatest standard-bearer, it is entirely correct conclusion is not controversial. But this is the ideology of the literary sense, which is also the traditional concept of the ideology of literary study's conclusions (Note: see Mao Zedong's "On Lu Xun", "On New Democracy", "in Yan'an Forum on Literature Speech , "Wang Hui," shouted a loss is a mirror of anti-feudal revolution, "Wang Hui" resistance of despair "conclusion. recent blue-Di's" symptomatic Analysis: Lu Xun, Mao Zedong's theory "devoted to Mao Zedong's do not think that Lu Xun was a meaning politicians, see "Journal of Tsinghua University" (Philosophy and Social Science Edition) 2001 2.). And, with the spiritual power to critical spirit, or to use political power or political criticism of the highest form of war to the spirit of modern Chinese literature in the past and research for the anti-feudal basic model: the former become the mainstream in the new period, which in in the new period before the overwhelming (Note: during the anti-feudal democratic revolution, and soon by the ideological revolution to political revolution and its the highest form of war; the founding of the new era prior to the study of modern Chinese literature is a political critique; the new period after the The study of modern Chinese literature turned to the spirit of criticism.).

    But now we find that there is a criticism, it is material, criticism, and this is criticism of Mao Dun. Throughout his life Mao Dun is the main creative novel, and most of the capitalists as the hero, which focused on the fate of the capitalist economy in China, such as "Midnight", "Lin's Store," "the first phase of the story," "took positions "" exercise "," Shuangye red flowers in February, "there is only a drama of his life in the play" before Tomb Sweeping Festival "and so on. Obviously, a number of important writers in modern literary history to focus on farmers and intellectuals on the anti-feudal ideas of the Enlightenment is different from Mao Dun to create a major force on the capitalists who put the material reality of anti-feudal forces of the above and let beyond the productivity of the feudal society that is the starting point of the industrial civilization, in other words, that is, the productivity of the emerging industrial civilization that point, his entire literary creation, is a representative with the praise of industrial civilization to negate the image of capitalist agriculture representative of the landlord's image of civilization. For example let Feng Yunqing of land destruction in the exchange speculation, let Wu Lao Taiye weathering in the Shanghai luxury to beach, so Zhao Shouyi who fear the rise in King Boeschen were being, and so on. Comparison of Lu Xun's novel Madman's cry, a madman's "blew it," Juan Sheng's learn from their mistakes, Kuo Mo-jo Phoenix Nirvana, the exodus of Ba Jin's novels Jue Hui, Wang Wenxuan silent dead, Lao She described by Yoshinobu pain, described by Cao Yu Su Fang in the "Peking Man" under the guidance of the exodus ... ... we understand more about the extensive supplies of Mao Dun realism and realism of predictability. In the Mao Dun Here, the intellectual's mission is not more important than the capitalists, a "Midnight", "New Scholars" series of images or acid or tired or left, or juvenile, the capitalists series of images has become dominated society, the real Knight Wusun Fu hero into 30s Shanghai beach the most advanced productive forces representatives.

    In this paper, the values used here is just a traditional standards of historical criticism, a similar evaluation of Engels on Balzac's novel, by historical standards. Engels, commenting on Balzac Balzac when the focus is only on France's future reveals the victory of the bourgeoisie and the nobility of its membership decline by the helplessness of "realism, the greatest victory" [1] (137 pages) In other words, we evaluate the practical significance for society writers, primarily focused on the development of a writer of historical significance, rather than purely pastoral poetry.

    Therefore, if we changed to another point of view to study, we find that Lu Xun's main significance lies in the spirit of destruction (critical national character), while Mao Dun's main significance lies in the spiritual and material innovation (the creation of industrial civilization and its capitalists), also That is, Mao Dun is a sense in terms of productivity with a history of progressive writers. This historical progress of the primary stage of socialism in contemporary China that is, they reflect the productivity of a very deep meaning. So I say: Mao Dun is the history of modern Chinese literature, the most productive writers of significance. Of course, this argument does not mean that in the human spirit more than Lu Xun, Mao Dun, as many researchers have believed. On the contrary, because it is completely different from the two concepts, human spirit and history of the spirit of the concept of different areas, which, as Balzac in his book is full of the spirit of humanism is reflected out of the history has been more attention to the spirit of Engels, the same as . This is the basic criterion for this evaluation, which is to be the special statement.

    Mao Dun literature without studying the productivity of the meaning for the contemporary China has become the study of the history of modern Chinese literature, the shortcomings, in particular, continue to occur for the present values of changes in contemporary China, it is not justifiable; Furthermore, this feature in Mao Dun, where is very prominent, this is a study of the history of modern Chinese literature, a prominent problem.


    The significance of this new productivity tools is the use of Western management and advanced production tools, the operation of modern enterprises, involved in the financial, securities, financial derivatives through short-term speculation - which is most at risk of Contemporary Western financial futures speculation instruments (Note : 90 in the late George Soros in Hong Kong's financial derivatives futures speculation, and the UK financial institutions, financial derivatives in Singapore茅盾在当下中国的意义 "一
      茅盾小说资本家形象系列的悲剧意义在于,资本家是中国现代社会新生的生产力代表 ,它在半封建半殖民地的中国是一种超前的力量,由于中国特殊的政治结构,它事实上 不可能在当时完全成功。随着中国当代经济改革的深入,随着中国多种经济成份特别是 非公有经济的快速发展,茅盾的资本家形象系列越来越体现出生气,吴荪甫的理想已经 实现。这让茅盾在当下改革的中国具有了最为鲜明的现实意义——就这个意义上讲,茅 盾是中国现代文学史上最具有生产力意义的作家。
      中国现代文学史的基本主题是反封建,鲁迅是其中最伟大的旗手,这是完全正确的结 论,是没有争议的。但这就是就文学的意识形态意义而言的,这也是传统的意识形态文 学观研究的结论(注:见毛泽东《论鲁迅》、《新民主主义论》、《在延安文艺座谈会 上的讲话》,王富仁《呐喊彷徨是中国反封建思想革命的一面镜子》,汪晖《反抗绝望 》的结论。最近蓝棣之《症候式分析:毛泽东的鲁迅论》专门论及了毛泽东不认为鲁迅 是一个政治家的意思,见《清华大学学报》(哲社版)2001年2期。)。并且,用精神的力 量来批判精神,或者用政治权力或政治的最高形式战争来批判精神,是过去中国现代文 学及其研究用于反封建的基本模式:前者在新时期成为主流,后者在新时期以前占压倒 优势(注:新民主主义革命时期的反封建,很快由思想革命转向政治革命及其最高形式 战争;建国至新时期以前的中国现代文学研究主要是政治批判;新时期以后的中国现代 文学研究就转向精神批判。)。
      但是现在我们发现,还有一种批判,这就是物质的批判,这就是茅盾的批判。茅盾终 其一生的主要创作是中长篇小说,且大多以资本家为主人公,主要探讨资本家在中国的 经济命运,比如《子夜》、《林家铺子》、《第一阶段的故事》、《走上岗位》、《锻 炼》、《霜叶红于二月花》,还有他一生中惟一一部话剧剧本《清明前后》等。显然, 与现代文学史上许多重要作家把注意力放在农民和知识分子上探讨反封建的思想启蒙不 同,茅盾把创作的主要力量放在资本家身上,放在现实的反封建的物质力量上面,放在 超越了封建社会的生产力即工业文明的基点上,换句话说,也就是新兴的生产力即工业 文明的基点上,他的整个文学创作,都是用褒扬工业文明的代表人物资本家形象来否定 农业文明的代表人物地主形象。比如让冯云卿的土地毁灭在交易所的投机中,让吴老太 爷风化于灯红酒绿的上海滩上,让赵守义们恐惧于王伯申们的崛起之中,等等。比较鲁 迅小说中狂人的呐喊、疯子的“吹熄它”、涓生的痛定思痛,郭沫若凤凰的涅磐,巴金 笔下觉慧的出走、汪文宣无声

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