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    尼迪(1917 ~ 1963)

    Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

    U.S. President (1961 ~ 1963). Born May 29, 1917 and died in November 22, 1963. He graduated from Harvard University. During World War II, he commanded PT Boats sunk by the Japanese Navy, was seriously injured and fled on a desert island behind enemy lines, and later led the soldiers back. 29-year-old campaign to win the House of Representatives, re-3 session (1947 ~ 1953). In Congress, he internal emphasis on social relief and welfare of civilians, foreign opposition to communism and support of the Cold War. Truman was pressure for the Chiang Kai-shek and Communist China expressed dissatisfaction with the joint policy. He entered the Senate in 1953, when the McCarthy anti-communist movement at the time of the prevalence of a large number of federal civil servants in order to sympathize with the Communist Party on charges of being clean, Kennedy has no objection. Written in 1956, "A Brief Biography of the brave," a book published, was the Pulitzer Prize. In the late 50 permanent members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; advocated extending assistance to Africa and the Newly Independent States. His political views gradually left, in the Democratic Party's popularity has also gradually be increased. Senate re-election in 1958, announced in January 1960 to run for president, narrowly defeated Republican candidate Richard Nixon, becoming the youngest in U.S. history a president who is also the first Catholic president. 1037 days he came to power, serving the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Cuba faced a crushing defeat suffered by the incident. In June 1961 with the Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna in talks to adopt a tough attitude toward the Soviet Union and East Germany to the threat of a separate peace treaty signed. October 1962 found that the Soviet Union installed missiles in Cuba, he ordered the implementation of the embargo against Cuba, forcing the withdrawal of Soviet missile installations. 10 months later, the United States, the Soviet Union, the British Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed. Kennedy Organization alliance for progress in Latin America and the Peace Corps. He proposed a substantial reduction of income tax legislation and the expansion of human rights legislation, but postponed until after his death was passed. In November 1963, in Dallas, Texas assassinated.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in 1917 in Massachusetts, Brooklyn City. From January 20, 1961 to November 22, 1963 served as President of the United States, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, was assassinated. I do not intend to Kennedy on the life of most other aspects of the situation described, in part because such a situation is widely known, but more important is because the Kennedy most of the personal and political activities and his inclusion in the register has little to do .

    From now until the next millennium, the Peace Corps, the Inter-American Alliance for Progress or pig ① Gulf incident could profoundly to stay in people's memories of Kennedy's tax policies and human rights legislation does not seem to very important. The John Fitzgerald Kennedy added to the register only one reason: He is the development of the Apollo program is principally responsible. If the future of mankind will not be completely destroyed, we can be confident that our trip to the moon and even from now on to the future in 5000 is still seen as a truly major event in human history, one of the great milestone.

    I will plan the importance of land on the moon a little further discussion. Should we should not be attributed to the major achievements or Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin on the moon the first time such a footprint left by the people? If we are to go down through the ages, based on people, then the second, it may be true, because I really do think that from now to the future in 5000, the more likely to stay in people's memory is not Neil Armstrong John F. Kennedy. However, from the impact point of view, is irrelevant Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's. If these two individuals in the Apollo launch on the 2nd, unfortunately, died two months before, when there are many well-trained to extraordinary astronauts to replace them.

    Then we should be attributed to Warner V Brown achievements or space science have had a significant contribution to some other scientist or engineer? Of course, Werner von Braun, as Constantine茨欧尔test Krzyzewski, Robert H Goddard and Hermann欧伯斯such an important, like our ancestors, in order to make a contribution to the exploration of outer space beyond the its due responsibilities. However, the implementation of the Apollo program once he had made a political decision, not a single scientist or any of a team of 10 scientists to their success will play a decisive role. A decisive breakthrough in lunar travel is not a unique scientific progress, but rather made prior to the plan of 24 billion U.S. dollars funding political decision.

    Well, this political decision was made to do what? Even in the absence of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, sooner or later will not make such a decision? But I firmly believe that of course can not make absolutely sure - eventually there will be a government for a manned trip to the moon and funding. Of course, John Fitzgerald Kennedy are not oblivious of public opposition to the imposition of the Apollo program.

    But there is no great pressure from the public to support such an ambitious plan. Assuming that in 1959 or in 1960 Congress passed the USA the development of the Apollo program and its funding of the motion, which was then rejected by President Eisenhower, then maybe we can say only the wishes of the Kennedy trend of public opinion. But this is not true: Many Americans want to have some kind of space program, but the public were in support of a large space program really is not very high voice. In fact even after the success of Apollo on the 2nd, the public which the scheme whether it is worth the price there are still many arguments. Of course, since 1966 the United States since the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's budget has declined fierce.

    Therefore not difficult to see John Fitzgerald Kennedy's leadership is the Apollo program was implemented so that the real reason for this is that he was in May 1961 in the United States made "before the end of this decade" launching a manned lunar spacecraft guarantee; that he received funds from Congress and is under his leadership to formulate a plan. People may believe that the moon landing plan worked out sooner or later (which is not completely sure), but Kennedy is actually worked out the plan in person.

    Of course, some people will still feel the Apollo program cost is only a great little project, is indeed insignificant. So far there is little indication that will be July 20, 1969 (the actual landing on the moon days) as the anniversary of the national holiday. However, we may recall that although in the sixteenth century did not celebrate the festival in Columbus, but a beginning of a new era it has become today to celebrate the holiday.

    Even if the Apollo program successors, it will always be a human being, one of the greatest innovation to stay in people's memory. But I think Apollo will eventually cause the future, into outer space in the future, the role is much greater than in the past. If this is the case, our children and grandchildren will feel that Apollo will be on the 2nd trip as Columbus crossed the Atlantic, in human history to create a new era.

    ① pig Gulf incident (Bahia de los Cochinos): 1961 years 4 on 17 by the 1200 anti-Castro Cuban exiles from the south-west coast of Cuba launched an attempted invasion. Because of the invasion by the United States government-funded and directed, so the already hostile relationship between the United States and ancient further deterioration of the international tensions of the Cold War has further aggravated

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    Kennedy,John Fitzgerald

    美国总统(1961~1963)。生于1917年5月29日,卒于1963年11月22日。毕业于哈佛大学 。在第二次世界大战中,他指挥的鱼雷艇被日本海军击沉,身受重伤,逃上敌后荒岛,后来率领士兵归队。29岁竞选众议员获胜,连任3届(1947~1953)。在国会里,他对内重视社会救济和平民福利,对外反对共产主义,支持冷战。对于杜鲁门一度压蒋介石与中共联合的政策表示不满。1953年他进入参议院,正值麦卡锡反共运动盛行之时,大批联邦公务人员以同情共产党的罪名遭到清洗,肯尼迪对此并无异议。1956 年写成《勇敢者传略》一书出版,获得普利策奖。50年代后期任参议院外交委员会委员;力主扩大援助非洲和新独立国家。他的政治观点逐渐左移 ,在民主党内的声望也逐步提高。1958 年连任参议员,1960年1月宣布竞选总统,以微弱多数击败共和党候选人尼克松,成为美国历史上最年轻的总统,也是第一位信奉天主教的总统。他执政1037天,任职开始就遇到美国入侵古巴遭受惨败的事件。1961年6月与苏联领导人赫鲁晓夫在维也纳会谈 ,以强硬 态度对待苏联要与东德单独签订和约的威胁。1962年10月发现苏联在古巴设置导弹,他下令对古巴施行封锁,迫使苏联撤出导弹装置。10个月后,美、苏、英禁止核试验条约签字。肯尼迪组织拉丁美洲争取进步同盟与和平队。他提出的大量削减所得税的立法以及扩大人权的立法,却推迟到他死后才得以通过。1963 年11月,在得克萨斯州达拉斯市遇刺身亡。










    ①猪海湾事件(Bahia de los Cochinos):1961年4月17日由1200名反卡斯特罗的古巴流亡分子从古巴西南海岸发动的一次未遂入侵事件。因为这次入侵是由美国政府资助和指挥的,所以使已经敌对的美古关系进一步恶化,使国际冷战的紧张局势进一步加剧

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    美国第三十五任总统(1961~1963)。生于1917年5月29日,卒于1963年11月22日。毕业于哈佛大学 。在第二次世界大战中,他指挥的鱼雷艇被日本海军击沉,身受重伤,逃上敌后荒岛,后来率领士兵归队。29岁竞选众议员获胜,连任3届(1947~1953)。在国会里,他对内重视社会救济和平民福利,对外反对共产主义,支持冷战。对于杜鲁门一度压蒋介石与中共联合的政策表示不满。1953年他进入参议院,正值麦卡锡反共运动盛行之时,大批联邦公务人员以同情共产党的罪名遭到清洗,肯尼迪对此并无异议。1956 年写成《勇敢者传略》一书出版,获得普利策奖。50年代后期任参议院外交委员会委员;力主扩大援助非洲和新独立国家。他的政治观点逐渐左移 ,在民主党内的声望也逐步提高。1958 年连任参议员,1960年1月宣布竞选总统,以微弱多数击败共和党候选人尼克松,成为美国历史上最年轻的总统,也是第一位信奉天主教的总统。他执政1037天,任职开始就遇到美国入侵古巴遭受惨败的事件。1961年6月与苏联领导人赫鲁晓夫在维也纳会谈 ,以强硬 态度对待苏联要与东德单独签订和约的威胁。1962年10月发现苏联在古巴设置导弹,他下令对古巴施行封锁,迫使苏联撤出导弹装置。10个月后,美、苏、英禁止核试验条约签字。肯尼迪组织拉丁美洲争取进步同盟与和平队。他提出的大量削减所得税的立法以及扩大人权的立法,却推迟到他死后才得以通过。1963 年11月,在得克萨斯州达拉斯市遇刺身亡。

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