www thirdage com网站介绍

www thirdage com网站介绍
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    ThirdAge Inc. is a leading online lifestage media, marketing and consumer insight company exclusively focused on serving today's dynamic population of adults in mid-life who are intent on living life to its fullest, and marketers who want to build genuine and lasting relationships with them. ThirdAge公司是一家领先的在线lifestage媒体,市场营销和消费者了解公司专门服务于今天的动态人口的成年人中生活谁是意图对生活的生活充分的,和营销谁要建立真正的和持久的系,与他们。 Generally in their early 40s through late 60s -- and often referred to as Baby Boomers and aging mid-lifers by marketers - they are ThirdAgers.一般来说40岁出头通过60年代末-和通常称为婴儿潮和衰老中所无期徒刑营销-他们是T h irdAgers。

    Inspired by the French phrase "Troisième Âge," ThirdAge refers to that rich time of life following young adulthood -- a time often characterized by new found freedom, discovery, personal growth and enrichment.灵感来自法国的“第三年龄” ,是指ThirdAge ,富裕的生活时,下面的年轻成年-时间特点往往是新发现的自由,发现,个人成长和充实。 Our vision at ThirdAge is to transform the voice of aging from one of limitation to that of possibility and ThirdAgers are doing just that. 我们的愿景是在ThirdAge改造老化的声音从一个限制的可能性,并ThirdAgers正在这样做。 They are re-writing the rules of what it means to get older.他们是重新编写的规则意味着什么变老。

    Over the last decade, ThirdAge has built a loyal and trusting Community of individuals interested in relevant, informative and insightful content on topics that matter most to them during this time of life: Health & Wellness, Relationships & Sex, Money & Work, Beauty & Style and Leisure & Passions.在过去十年中, ThirdAge已经建立了一个忠诚和信任的共同体的个人兴趣相关的,翔实的内容和深刻的主题,最重要的他们在这段时间的生活:健康疗养,与性别关系,金钱与工作,美容风格与康乐及文化事务署的激情。 Presented in a variety of media formats to suit visitor's individual preferences, all content is presented in a positive yet realistic and genuine tone.在各种媒体格式,以适应访问者的个人喜好,所有的内容提出了积极而现实的和真正的基调。 More than 1,000,000 unique visitors come to ThirdAge every month and close to 1,000,000 subscribers receive our customized newsletters each week.超过1000000访问者到ThirdAge每个月接近1000000收到我们的用户定制的通讯每星期。

    ThirdAge has spent over a decade listening, learning and developing a trusted relationship with all its constituents. ThirdAge已经花费了10年来倾听,学习和发展一个值得信赖的关系,其所有成分。 The company is relentlessly committed to providing leading edge and valuable content, products and services, now integrated with community forums and new tools, enabling ThirdAgers to easily connect and share with other like-minded people.该公司正在无情地致力于提供最前沿和有价值的内容,产品和服务,现在整合社区论坛和新的工具,使ThirdAgers ,可以方便地连接和共享与其他志同道合的人。

    Who Are ThirdAgers? ThirdAgers是谁?

    Today there are 112 million people over the age of 45.今天有1.12亿人超过45岁。 This powerful block of ThirdAgers, many in transition, comprise nearly 40 percent of the population and control the majority of the buying power in the United States.这一强大的区块ThirdAgers ,许多转型期,包括近百分之四十的人口和控制大部分的购买力在美国。 Boomer spending is projected to increase $800 billion to over $4.6 trillion by 2015; and over 65 million boomers are online -- that's 1/3 of the total 195.3 million web users in the US.潮开支预计将增加8000亿美元以上四万六千亿美元到2015年;和超过6500万潮在线-这是1 / 3的总一万九千五百三十〇点○○○万网络用户在美国。

    78 million Baby Boomers alone, those born between 1946 -1964, control over 80% of personal financial assets and more than 50% of discretionary spending power. 7800万婴儿潮,仅出生于1946年-1964之间,控制在80 %以上的个人金融资产和50 %以上的自由裁量的购买力。 They are:它们是:

    • Responsible for more than half of all consumer spending, buy 77% of all prescription drugs, 61% of OTC medication, and spend $500 million on vacations per year and 80% of all leisure travel .负责一半以上的消费支出,购买77 %的所有处方药, 61 %的非处方药,并花费5亿美元,每年休假和80 %的休闲旅行 。
    • The highest earners - median household income is 55% greater than post-Boomers and 61% more than pre-Boomers.薪水最高的-中等家庭的收入是5 5% ,大于后潮和6 1%以上的前潮。
    • The best educated of any previous group - 28.5% holding a bachelor's degree or higher and 45 million boasting some college.受过最好教育的以往任何集团-2 8.5%持有学士学位或更高,并拥有4 500万美元的一些大学。
    • The largest homeowner group - 80% of Boomers vs. 69% of the general population own a home and 25% own at least one property in addition to their primary residence.最大的房主集团-8 0%的潮与6 9%的一般民众自己的家庭和2 5%拥有至少一部财产此外,他们的主要居住地。

    Baby Boomers and ThirdAgers are not a market niche.婴儿潮和ThirdAgers不是一个市场环境。 They ARE the new customer majority.他们是新客户多数。

    The ThirdAge Executive Management Team 该ThirdAge管理团队

    Sharon P. Whiteley , Chair & Chief Executive Officer. 怀特利体育沙龙主席兼首席执行官。 Ms. Whiteley is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded and built five consumer driven companies.怀特利女士是一位经验丰富的企业家创办和谁建立消费驱动的五家公司。 She is responsible for the company's strategic direction, leadership of the executive team and guardianship of the company's brand.她是负责公司的战略方向,领导的管理团队和监护公司的品牌。 Formerly, she was CEO of Crimson Solutions, an early stage technology company; and earlier President and Chief Creative Officer of Contempo Colours Inc., a $50 million international giftware manufacturer.以前,她是首席执行官深红解决方案,早期阶段的科技公司;和以前总统和首席创意官的Contempo颜色公司, 5000万美元的国际礼品制造商。 Preceding Contempo, Ms. Whiteley founded and built Peacock Papers, an industry leading manufacturer of social expression products, credited for creating the positive aging gift category.前Contempo ,怀特利女士创立和内置孔雀文件,一个行业的领先制造商的社会表达产物,贷记创造的积极老龄化礼品类。

    Before her years in consumer product innovation, Ms. Whiteley spent 12 years as a specialty retail shopping center developer.几年前她在消费产品创新,怀特利女士花12年作为一个专业的零售购物中心开发商。 A highly regarded pioneer, she was instrumental in the development of a number of notable centers including the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, where she also conceived and executed the Pushcart concept of transitory retailing, a staple in centers nationwide today.阿高度重视的先驱,她是有助于发展中的一些显着的中心,包括法内尔大会堂市场在波士顿,在那里她还设想和执行Pushcart概念的临时性零售,主食在全国中心今天。

    A graduate of Skidmore College, Ms. Whiteley is a sought after speaker and the recipient of numerous recognitions, including Ernst & Young's regional Entrepreneur of the Year Award.毕业于斯基德莫尔学院,怀特利女士是一位追求和受援国的许多认识,包括安永会计师事务所的区域企业家奖。 A longtime champion of entrepreneurs, she co-founded 8Wings Ventures LLC, an early stage, private equity investor group and co-authored The Old Girls' Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man's World (Basic Books).长期以来冠军的企业家,她与人共同创立8Wings投资有限责任公司,初期阶段,私人股本投资集团和共同撰写岁女孩的网络:内幕妇女咨询建筑企业在男人的世界(基本丛书) 。 She is a member and former Board Director of The Committee of 200, and the World President's Organization (WPO), as well as the former Chair of the National Center on Women & Aging at Brandies University.她是个成员国和前董事委员会的200 ,和世界总统的组织( WPO ) ,以及前主席,国家中心和老年妇女在白兰地大学。

    Pamela Louie , Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer. 帕梅拉路易 ,首席营运官/首席财政官。 Ms. Louie is an accomplished finance professional with years of experience.路易女士是一位很有造诣的专业金融与多年的经验。 She is responsible for a comprehensive range of responsibilities including short and long term financial planning, cost control, cash management, accounting and human resource administration.她负责的范围广泛的各种责任,包括短期和长期的财务规划,成本控制,现金管理,会计和人力资源管理。

    Ms. Louie has held several senior management level financial positions over the course of her career , including CFO for TFX Inc. where she was a member of the executive management team.路易女士举行了多次高层管理财务状况的过程中的职业生涯,其中包括首席财务官TFX公司在那里她是一个成员的管理团队。 Her responsibilities included strategic and financial planning and facilities as well as operational management.她的职责包括战略和财务规划和设施以及业务管理。
    Prior to TFX, Ms. Louie was CFO and a member of executive team for SuperGraphics Inc., where she was responsible for financial planning, accounting, operation systems integration and Human Resources development.之前TFX女士,路易是财务总监和一名行政团队SuperGraphics公司,在那里她负责财务规划,会计,业务系统集成和人力资源开发。 She has also been a Controller for several companies, including Real Time Solutions, where she was responsible for the company's entire financial and accounting functions.她也一直是控制器的几家公司,其中包括实时解决方案,在那里她负责公司的整个财务和会计职能。

    A high performance leader, Ms. Louie has also been a consultant to numerous high growth companies on such diverse projects as channel flow development for dispersed production activities, financial due diligence and financial modeling.高性能的领导人,路易女士也一直是众多顾问高增长公司等不同渠道项目作为发展的流动分散的生产活动,财务尽职调查和财务建模。 She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, an MBA from Golden Gate University, and her Executive MBA from Stanford University.她收到了她的本科学位学历,工商管理从美国旧金山大学,获得工商管理硕士学位金门大学,她的执行工商管理硕士的斯坦福大学。

    Caren Sinclair-Kay , President. 卡朗辛克莱,凯主席。 Ms. Sinclair-Kay is an experienced media and technology executive with an extensive background in growing and monetizing online businesses. Sinclair女士,凯是一位经验丰富的媒体和技术公司董事长兼首席执行官,一个广泛的背景中发展和在线业务赚钱。 She is responsible for sales and business development at ThirdAge, and a member of the executive operating team.她是负责销售和业务发展 ThirdAge ,以及成员的行政运作团队。 Ms. Sinclair-Kay was formerly CEO and co-founder of Red Jam Media, a digital media company that partnered with tier one media brands to transform their content assets into interactive, community-based online and wireless products. Sinclair女士基原首席执行官和共同创始人红果酱媒体,数字媒体公司,与一线品牌媒体将其内容资产变成互动,以社区为基础的网络和无线产品。

    Earlier Ms. Sinclair-Kay was General Manager of online business at leading publishing company Rodale, Inc. In that role she was responsible for strategic direction, operations and P & L of eight consumer websites.早些时候Sinclair女士,凯是总经理在线业务在领先的出版公司代尔公司在这一作用她负责的战略方向,业务和P & L的8个消费者网站。 Preceding Rodale, Ms. Sinclair-Kay was VP of Business and Network Development at Oxygen Media, Inc. An early entrant in the online digital arena, she started her career as the Senior Director of Business Development for theglobe.com, where she was in charge of monetizing all product offerings.前代尔, Sinclair女士,副总裁凯是商业和网络的发展在氧媒体公司早日进入在线数字舞台上,她就开始的职业生涯的业务开发部门高级经理的theglobe.com ,在那里她是在负责货币的所有产品。

    Over the course of her career , Ms. Sinclair-Kay has negotiated content distribution, customer acquisition and content licensing deals with major media and Internet properties, such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, EarthLink, WebMD, CNET and Travelocity.经过的职业生涯, Sinclair女士,凯谈判内容分发,客户获取和许可协议的内容与主要媒体和互联网特性,如AOL , MSN ,雅虎, EarthLink公司,中央社, CNET公司和Travelocity 。 A graduate of Cornell University, Ms. Sinclair-Kay received her MBA from the Wharton School of Business.毕业于康奈尔大学, Sinclair女士,凯收到了她的MBA从沃顿商学院。 She is also an active Advisor to Parentwatch.她还积极Parentwatch顾问。

    Joe Berkowitz , Executive Vice President. 乔贝尔科维奇 ,执行副总裁。 Mr. Berkowitz has over 15 years in senior business and product roles, with a core focus in information technology, media and the online world.贝尔科维奇先生拥有超过15年的高级业务和产品的作用,其核心集中在信息技术,媒体和网络世界。 He is responsible for leading ThirdAge's technology and product development initiatives, in addition to being a member of the executive team.他是负责领导ThirdAge的技术和产品开发的倡议,除了成员的管理团队。

    Mr. Berkowitz was formerly President and co-founder of Red Jam Media, a digital media company that partnered with tier one media brands to transform their content assets in to interactive, community-based online and wireless products.贝尔科维奇先生曾任主席和创始人之一的红果酱媒体,数字媒体公司,与一线品牌媒体把他们的内容资产的互动,以社区为基础的网络和无线产品。 Formerly, he was Director of Online Marketing and Premium Products for Rodale's online and wireless paid content business across all digital assets, including menshealth.com and runnersworld.com.以前,他是主任的在线营销和优质的产品代尔的在线和无线付费内容业务所有的数字资产,包括menshealth.comrunnersworld.com 。

    Earlier in his career , Mr. Berkowitz was Director of Business Development and general manager of advanced payment systems for Yaga, Incl and Director of Strategic Channels at Qpass Inc. business development at Prodigy Communications Corporation. 职业生涯早期,贝尔科维奇先生是业务发展总监和总经理的先进支付系统的亚加,包括总干事和战略渠道Qpass公司在公司业务发展神童通信公司 A graduate of University of Miami, Mr. Berkowitz received an MBA from Fordham University and his Graduate Degree in Information Technology from New York University.毕业于迈阿密大学的先生,贝尔科维奇收到了工商管理硕士学位Fordham大学和他的研究生在信息技术从纽约大学。 He is a member of the American Marketing Association, ContentNext, and the New York New Media Association.他是一个成员,美国营销协会, ContentNext ,纽约新媒体协会。

    Laz Cabanas , Vice President of Sales. Laz卡巴纳斯 ,销售副总裁。 Mr. Cabanas is a seasoned sales executive with over 25 years of experience in sales marketing, strategic planning and account management.卡巴纳斯先生是一位经验丰富的销售经理与超过25年的经验,销售营销,战略规划和帐户管理。 He is responsible for advertising and sponsorship sales of the company, managing both internal and external teams.他负责广告和赞助销售公司,管理内部和外部的团队。
    Prior to joining ThirdAge, Mr. Cabanas spent seven years as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at eMedicine.com before it was acquired by WebMD.在加入ThirdAge先生,卡巴纳斯花了七年时间的高级副总裁,销售和市场营销上eMedicine.com收到收购了讯。 Preceding eMedicine, he spent four years as the Director of Sales and Marketing at HealthGate Data Corp where he introduced ad packaging capabilities to the company by integrating site-side departments into proposal development process. eMedicine前,他花了四年的时间作为市场营销总监在健康之数据公司介绍,他的广告包装能力,以该公司网站通过整合方面的部门合并建议的发展进程。 During that time he also developed a custom online integrated solution marketing program for leading pharmaceutical companies such as: Johnson & Johnson, American Home Products, AstraZeneca, Roche, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble and SmithKline Beecham.在此期间,他还开发了定制的在线集成解决方案市场营销计划获得领先的制药公司,如:强生公司,美国家用产品,阿斯利康,罗氏,赫司特美罗,辉瑞,宝洁和史克必成。

    Mr. Cabanas' earlier accomplishments also include molding successful sales teams at such companies as PAI, CSI, FOVA, Burmudez & Associates, and MDA.卡巴纳斯先生'以前的成绩还包括塑造成功的销售团队等公司的抑制物,倡议, FOVA , Burmudez & Associates公司和MDA 。 He received his BS in Marketing from the University of Southern California.他获得学士学位,市场营销从南加州大学。

    Mary Duffy , Editorial Director. 玛丽达菲 ,编辑部主任。  Ms Duffy is a respected media executive with over 20 years experience developing content for television, radio, print publications and the web. 达菲女士是一位受人尊敬的媒体公司董事长兼首席执行官, 20多年的经验发展中国家内容电视,电台,印刷出版物和网络。 She is responsible for the editorial vision and content on ThirdAge.com and ThirdAge newsletters. 她负责编辑的远见和内容ThirdAge.com和ThirdAge通讯。 Ms. Duffy is the former editor in chief of Women’s Sports & Fitness and Hers magazines. Duffy女士是前总编辑妇女体育健身和她的杂志。 Prior to that, she was executive editor of the Special Interest Publications at The New York Times Women’s Magazine Group. 在此之前,她是执行主编的特别兴趣出版物在纽约时报妇女杂志集团。 There she played a key role in the development of Fitness magazine and served as its first executive editor. 因此,她发挥了关键作用,发展健身杂志,并担任第一届执行编辑。 She

    Her television credits include writing and producing Game For Anything, an ABC network special about women's sports, hosted by Holly Hunter, and Inside the Ropes, a celebrity-filled special commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. 她的电视作品包括书面和生产什么游戏,接受美国广播公司网络特别对妇女运动,主办霍利亨特和内部钢丝绳,名人填充特殊的纪念成立40周年鲍勃霍普精英赛。 As a consultant, she has developed television, video, print and web projects for such corporations as Nike, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Toyota, Reebok, Glaxo/Smith/Kline, and Chrysler. 作为一个顾问,她制定了电视,视频,打印和网络等项目作为耐克公司, 20世纪福克斯家庭娱乐,丰田,锐步,葛兰素史克/史密斯/克莱恩,和克莱斯勒。

    A graduate of Smith College, Ms. Duffy has been a regular contributor to The New York Times and Self magazine and has written for Elle, Health, Reader’s Digest, Shape, and many other publications. 毕业于史密斯学院, Duffy女士一直是经常为纽约时报杂志和自治,并已致函的艾丽,卫生,读者文摘,形状,以及许多其他出版物。 She was a contributing author of The New York Times Guide to Alternative Health (NY Times Books), Shape Your Life (Hay House) and Women’s Health & Wellness 2003 (Oxmoor House). 她是一个贡献的作者纽约时报指南另类健康(纽约时报图书) ,形状你的生活(海院)和妇女的健康疗养2003 ( Oxmoor众议院) 。

    Marvin Waldman , Creative Director. 马文瓦尔德曼 ,创意总监。 Mr. Waldman is a veteran writer and Creative Director with years of exceptional performance in the advertising and marketing arenas.布雷特先生是一位资深作家和创作总监拥有多年的卓越性能在广告和营销领域。 An independent, he is responsible with senior leadership for oversight of the ThirdAge's new website design and brand extending initiatives.一个独立的,他负责的高级领导层进行监督的ThirdAge的新网站设计和品牌延伸的举措。

    Currently Mr. Waldman is founder and president of The Shadow Group, a creative and strategic consulting firm.目前瓦尔德曼先生的创始人和总裁的阴影组,创造性和战略咨询公司。 He is also adjunct professor of advertising in the Graduate Design Management and Cultural Arts Management programs at Pratt Institute.他还兼职教授的广告中的毕业设计管理,文化艺术管理程序普拉特研究所。 Earlier in his career , Mr. Waldman was Executive Creative Director and Executive Vice President at Young & Rubicam. 职业生涯早期,布雷特先生是执行创意总监和执行副总裁扬罗必凯公司。 During his 16 year tenure there he both managed and created work on numerous major accounts, such as Merck, Ericsson, Digital Corporation, United States Postal Service, Kraft General Foods and Campbell Soup Company.在他16年任期内,他既管理和创建工作的许多重大的帐户,如默克,爱立信, Digital公司,美国邮政服务,卡夫通用食品和金宝汤公司。

    Mr. Waldman is also the recipient of numerous awards for his work , including Clios, ANDYs, ADDYs, One Shows and many other international recognitions.布雷特先生也获得许多奖项,他的工作,包括 Clios , ANDYs , ADDYs ,一个显示和许多其他国际承认。 He also served as a member of The Advertising Council's Creative Review Board.他还担任成员的广告安理会的创造性审查委员会。 Mr. Waldman received his BA from Queens College, his MBA from Baruch College, and his MA in Clinical Psychology from The New School for Social Research.布雷特先生获得了学士学位,皇后学院,他的工商管理硕士学位巴鲁克学院,他的马在临床心理学从社会研究新学院。 He became a copywriter after careers as an actor, an elementary school teacher, and a counselor for Meadowbrook Suicide Prevention Center.他成为撰稿人后的职业作为一个演员,小学教师和辅导员的梅多布鲁克自杀预防中心。

    Contact Information: 联系方式:

    ThirdAge Inc. ThirdAge公司
    1440 Broadway 1440年百老汇
    Suite 2318 2318套房
    New York, NY 10018纽约, NY 10018

    ThirdAge Inc. ThirdAge公司
    25 Stillman Street 25斯蒂尔曼街
    Suite 102套房102
    San Francisco, CA 94107-1309加利福尼亚州旧金山, 94107-1309

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