The rules for outdoor men's lacrosse

Outdoor men's lacrosse involves two teams, each competing to project a small ball of solid rubber into the opposing team's goal. Each team starts with ten players on the field: a goalkeeper or "goalie" who stays inside the crease; three defenders in the defensive end; three midfielders free to roam the whole field; and three attackers attempting to score goals in the offensive end.

Players scoop the ball off the ground with their stick and may run carrying the ball in their stick, pass the ball through the air to other players, or throw it at the goal. In men's lacrosse, players may kick the ball, as well as cover it with their sticks, provided they do not withhold it from play.

Play is quite fast and fluent, with considerably more goals scored than are in soccer or hockey, with typical games totaling ten to twenty goals.


Each quarter starts with a “face-off” in which the ball is placed on the ground and two “face-off-men” lay their stick horizontally next to the ball, head of the stick inches from the ball and the butt-end pointing down the midfield line. Face-off-men scrap for the ball, often by “clamping” it under their stick and flicking it out to their midfielders, who start on the wing restraining line near the sideline and sprint in when the whistle is blown to start play. Attackers and defenders cannot cross their “restraining line” until one player from the midfield takes possession of the ball. A face-off also restarts the game after each goal.

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    每个季度开始, “摊牌”的球放在地上,两个“摊牌战警”奠定其坚持横向旁边的球,团长坚持英寸的球和枪托高端指出了中场线。争球,男子废料球,常常是由“夹紧”根据他们的坚持和flicking出来的中场球员,谁的机翼开始限制线附近的边线和Sprint的是当哨子吹,开始发挥。攻击者和捍卫者不能跨他们的“限制线” ,直到一个球员从中场占有球。脸小康也重新启动游戏后,每一个目标。

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