1:激光洗眉的原理是什么? 激光去除色素是利用特定波长(1064nm或532nm)的激光瞬间发射出的高能量,使被照射的色素颗粒吸收能量膨胀裂,爆裂后的色素一部分(浅表皮内)裂变成更加微小的碎粒当即弹出体外,其他一部分(基底层内)会被人体的巨噬细胞所吞噬,并经过一段时间后,随人体淋巴系统排出体外;病变组织的色素将逐渐变淡直至消失;由于常皮肤组织对1064nm或532nm的激光吸收极少,从而保持了细胞框架的完整,绝无形成疤痕的条件。正是由于激光色素不破坏正常组织,所以最大程度安全保证了客户不会受到术后并发症的困扰。 2、激光洗眉、洗眼线、唇线等每次需要多长时间?一次能去掉吗? 激光洗眉、洗眼线、洗唇线每次需要2-3分钟,每个地方只能打一次。色素少的地方一次就能去掉。如果是色素多地方,就需要多次治疗,两次之间的时间间隔至少是45天。 3、激光洗眉机有几个光头?分别有什么功能? 激光洗眉机有两个光头,绿光光头和白光光头。绿光光头祛除红色色素,咖啡色,白光光头祛除黑色、紫色及其色素。 4、怎样控制激光洗眉机的技术参数和光头与皮肤的距离?
4、痂皮脱落以前治疗区不接触水,不搓擦,忌辣、烟和酒,近段时间禁食颜色深的食物如: 咖啡、百事可乐等,要让痂皮自行脱落,不得强行剥落。
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    1: What does the laser wash the eyebrow the principle is?
    The laser elimination pigment is the use specific wave length (1064nm or 532nm) the laser instantaneous launches the high energy, causes the pigment pellet absorbed energy inflation which shines to burst, ruptures after a pigment part (in shallow epidermis) the fission to become a smaller garrulous grain to spring immediately in vitro, other part (in basis level) can swallow by the human body in macrophage, and after period of time, discharges in vitro along with the human body lymphatic system; The pathological change organizes until the pigment gradually will change pale vanishes; Because the normal skin organization are extremely few to 1064nm or the 532nm laser absorption, thus maintained the cell frame integrity, certainly invisible becomes the scar the condition.is precisely because the laser dispels the pigment not to destroy the normal tissue, after therefore the greatest degree had guaranteed safely the customer cannot receive the technique the complication puzzle.
    2 The laser washes the eyebrow, washes the informer, the lip line and so on each time needs the long time? A time can remove?
    The laser washes the eyebrow, washes the informer, washes the lip line each time to need 2-3 minute, each place only can hit one time.The pigment few places one time can remove.If is pigment many places, needs to treat many times, during two next best time-gaps are 45 days at least.
    3, How many bald does the laser wash the eyebrow machine to have? What function separately has?
    The laser washes the eyebrow machine to have two bald, the green light bald and the white light is bald.Green light bald dispelling red pigment, coffee color, white light bald dispelling black, purple and other pigments.
    4, How controls the laser to wash the eyebrow machine technical parameter and bald and the skin distance?
    The use laser washes the eyebrow machine-hour the technical parameter to have to act according to individual skin the sensitive degree to control, the sensitive skin, leaves skin near somewhat baldly, if is not the sensitive skin, the recurrence rate is 4- bald distance skin distance is 3-4cm.
    5, The technique do not have to participate in the intense movement, after in order to avoid perspires causes the infection.After every pigment skin disease treats, certainly must pay attention guards against exposes to the sun, the pigment retrogression is a slow process, is generally a half month, for obtains the desired effect to have to duplicate the curer, should be separated for 3 months.
    6, The basis pathological change nature pigment depth and the spot, certain sickness plant the treatment possibly to have to carry on many times.
    7, The treatment like the not peculiar circumstance, may separate for 2 months to come the subsequent visit one time, if has has the infection or other situations, please promptly come the subsequent visit.
    8, The laser treatment skin condition
    treatment future trouble department can have the scalding hot feeling or micro bleeds, this is the normal phenomenon, after but can have the scab skin production, after 7-10 day falls off approximately, was sure to remember do not blow with the finger eliminates, should let the scab skin fall off voluntarily.Two after about weeks the skin may restore normally.

    9, The treatment spot nursing
    treatment still might wash the face as usual, after dries the trouble place lightly to spread the medicinal ointment again, until the scab skin fell off, do not use other medicines or the cosmetics.If the treatment spot has inflamed ill, the available ice spreads.
    After the scab skin falls off, does not need to scratch the medicinal ointment again, but must scratch the suntan oil (above SPF15), also must spread in the room wipes, guards against ultraviolet ray UVA/UVB the injury.
    After 1-2 week returns to the outpatient service tracing inspection, if has the abnormal phenomenon, should receive a medical examination as soon as possible the treatment.Multi-supplement Vitamin C, promotion melanin metabolism.
    The laser goes to the spot is with specific wave length light beam Shi Da in the skin trouble department, each bunch of light produce diameter 0.2-0.3cm to soak in vain, the ache is extremely slight.Because needs to go to the spot to be located the face, doctor usually can make the scrap skin test first in the trouble department, if responds good, then makes the big area the treatment.after the treatment skin is specially sensitive to the sunlight, should avoid the sunlight illumination, in order to avoid influence treatment result.

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